Ocean Park Resort is a AAA rated facility located on 9.5 Acres in a quiet, park like setting, 4 blocks from the center of Ocean Park and the Beach.



PLEASE take a few minutes to read our rules and regulations.  Their purpose is to make your visit as well as the visit of our other guests more enjoyable.


1.  Checkout time in the Motel and Cabins is Noon; in RVs and Tents it's 1:00pm.

2.  Speed limit is 5 MPH for all vehicles (including bicycles). Mopeds and motorcycles may be ridden either into or out of the park ONLY

3.  ALL persons on the property MUST be registered.  If others will be visiting or staying with you, PLEASE  ask them to stop at the office to register. Visitors are not allowed to bring Pets.  A day-use fee will be charged each person staying here more than 1 hour.

4.  Pets are welcome but MUST be on a SHORT leash at all times and walked by an AdultNEVER leave your pet unattended.  Please consider others and CLEAN UP after your pet.  Plastic bags for this purpose are provided FREE at the office.  No pets inside Pool area, Rec Hall or Restrooms.  

5.  QUIET HOURS - 10:00pm to 8:00am.  Please consider the noise level at all times.  Your neighbor may not want to hear your dog, radio, TV, or conversation. 

6.  Please, no major vehicle repairs, oil changes, or car/trailer washing. 

7.  Please do not attach anything, in any way, to our trees.  Clotheslines are not permitted at any time.

8.  No Fireworks in Park at any time.

9.  Refunds: SORRY, we are not responsible for the weather.

10. Children must be supervised at all times. Children under 9 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult(over 18) in the restrooms.



1.  Absolutely NO TENTS will be allowed on any R.V. site at any time. 

2.  NO ground fires.  Hibachi/barbecues using propane only are OK, if attended. 

3.  All vehicles (yours or your guests) must be parked within your assigned site.


1.  Only ONE tent, ONE family, ONE vehicle per site unless cleared with office first. 

2.  Maximum number of people per site is 6 (including babies).

3.  Campfires MUST be extinguished by 11:00pm.


Due to the Federal Regulations requiring an ADA manlift for all pools and hot tubs, the pool and hot tub will not operate this year.



1.   Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. 

2.  Please follow the posted rules. 


1.  It's recommended that bikes, ice chests, etc. be secured at night.  We will not be responsible for stolen property. 

Ocean Park Resort is private property and we must and do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does

not abide by the resort rules.  We also reserve the right to expel from the park such person or persons.


     PLEASE enjoy your visit and THANK YOU for staying with us.